Saturday, March 20, 2010

All Set for Snow and Cold

Harry followed me around as I worked in the garden...he was looking a bit perplexed by this sudden cold weather and finally gave up being by my side and headed for his warm house on the porch. Plum blossoms on the ground look a bit like huge flakes of snow and birds sit on an old feeder, their size difference reminding me of something that should be on a scale.
Colorful buckets and containers cover tender plants. And while I was outside taking the photos, a few snow flakes were flying. What a strange first day of spring for North Texas !


Godyssey said...

Wow, very strange. We had a great day here today, but they're saying we may see flakes tomorrow. Talk about topsy turvy.:)

I wish you and your garden good luck.

nancyr said...

Harry definitely has "character". It shows!

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