Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I wonder if we honestly value quiet any more. It seems in this modern world we are surrounded by sounds and find silence to be uncomfortable. We even have come to the place where we take a persons silence to mean something is wrong. When confronted, we don't even see being quiet as an option for dealing with an unkind word. Silence in that setting can be just as powerful as turning the other cheek, the true stance of a pacifist, a peace keeper. Quiet can be reverent, or the very moment when we actually hear that small still voice of the Lords. It can be the moment when we understand our shortcomings or see our true agenda.
Being Quiet can be one of the most powerful types of communication. The moment when we listen, rather than fill up the space with our own voice. The quiet is a gift from God in which we can hear our heartbeat, and look into our heart. Turn off the radio, the television, the phone, the computer and sit in silence for a moment or two, you will hear so much in that moment. Grow comfortable with the quiet, it is a treasured moment and leads us to want more of it, to live quiet lives, to learn the value of being quiet and seeking the quiet that is born of peace.
Isaiah 32: 17 The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever.


marci said...

I like your new picture. Appreciate your thoughts on quietness. It really is a treasured commodity.

Carole said...

Could I ever agree more ????

Teri said...

I hope the results for Mei Ling are good news. As the mom of a kidney kid, I understand the nervousness associated with these maladies that threaten our kids. Good wishes!

Love the new photo in your masthead. Can't wait to turn over our garden.


Beth said...

Are you reading my mind?? LOL.
First the church post and now this one. You have voiced so well the things that have been on my mind for awhile now.
Still praying for Mei-Ling.
Great post, as always.

Thank you.

Teri said...

I've been told that I am strange for cherishing quiet. But the world is so noisy, and with cell phones it seems as though we are in constant contact with each other at all times. WHY? My most difficult times at work are the ones where my boss talks non-stop for hours...I sometimes wonder if he hears himself.

Anonymous said...

In conversation with one of my neighbors concerning the increasing noise level in the neighborhood, they actually complained to me,"you are too quiet." They simply cannot understand why I would want to spend ANY time alone without a television.


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