Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Life of Spring

Spring has arrived, even if not officially by way of the calendar. The grass is emerald green, the ash tree is leaving out. Goats are ready to kid in just a couple of weeks, milking chores will resume. The garden is being worked, being made ready for spring planting. The last of the cabbage and broccoli is being picked and the collards are growing by the minute. The plum tree is in bloom and birds are beginning to build nests. The March winds are blowing strong, so perfect for hanging out curtains and linens on the line. Spring cleaning has commenced. Still, there is need for a fire in the stove in the chill of the morning. Roses have been pruned and are now sprouting shiny red leaves. Spring flowers bloom.
How blessed I feel to have the time to enjoy such wonders of the new season, time to stop and smell the flowers as I walk past them on my way to do chores. Moments to just stop whatever I am doing and breathe in the crisp morning air and admire the blue skies. I am thankful for good health that allows me to spend hours working in the garden or cleaning the barn.
How fun it will be for the grandchildren to see the new baby goats when they arrive and feed the kids their bottles. To watch where milk comes from and stand close next to me as I fill the shiny pails with foaming white gold. I am anxious for Mei-Ling to put on her mud boots and walk through the vegetable garden with me, holding her little basket for snow peas as we gather them together in the morning. I don't need chicks this year but will buy a few just for the children to watch and to love. Maybe I will get a few ducks too.
This simple life is so much more than just living without this or that, its more about living WITH this or that, living with time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. To see, hear, taste and smell the wonders of Gods creation for us. To have time to wander with eyes wide open, hearts and souls free of that eating at you kind of worry. To have time to talk to God in a garden, in the very sort of place He placed Adam and Eve. This simple sort of life, where I am home to cook good meals, meals that are fresher than fresh, with vegetables picked just moments before cooking them and serve eggs that have bright yolks that stand tall. To proudly have dirt under my nails and honestly need to wear aprons to keep my clothes clean.
Spring, more than any other season, helps me understand that living simply allows me to view the new life of spring with eyes wide open and a heart full of gratitude for the many blessings that surround me.

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Jean said...

Yes indeed! I *feel* spring too. The other evening before some heavy rainfalls, the air had THAT scent. You know the kind. It's intoxicating! I kept going outside right taking deep breaths right up until bedtime. :-)

As usual, you have beautifully captured the promise of this wonderful season in your photographs.

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