Sunday, January 22, 2012

An Update on Mei-Ling

Its been a strange month for my family surgery wise.  My father was due to have a rod put in his arm on the 18th, however, surgery was delayed as "the part" did not come in on time.   Mei was due to have surgery this week, however, one of the Doctors that was supposed to perform a very specialized test requiring a out-patient surgery, forgot to mention the need for anesthesia to the O.R.  Her big surgery can not be done until this procedure is done.  That had to be rescheduled for the first week in February and her big surgery will be when-ever they can schedule it after that.  Delays are for a reason and we trust that God is on control. But, it sure is hard to be all mentally prepared for something and then not have it happen.  
We ask for prayer that all work for the best.  

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Kathy said...

You have been on my mind all week. Prayers are being said that the time of the surgery will be the best time for all.

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