Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Joy Of Living

A little voice on the other end of the phone..."Grammie, can we have a tea party this week ? Outside? "  Of course I relied in the affirmative.  "Can we have cupcakes and gingerbread men cookies ?"  Again, I reply "yes". My grand-daughters 4 year old enthusiasm is such a delight.  So, here I sit today, checking the weather so we can plan appropriately .  Tea parties are the best when teddy bears and baby dolls and little girls are sitting around the table !
As I sit here at the computer this morning my thoughts drift back to what I read this morning in 1 Cor 13:8 8 Love never fails.   How true it is.  It is not yet 10 am and three people in my life have said "I love you".   I have said it three times at least this morning.   I feel the love of God in every breath I take.  I see His love in the beauty of creation and feel it in the foundation of our home.   This love that surrounds me, gives me joy beyond description.   It doesn't matter to me that my house is not a mini mansion, or that my car is not brand new.  It doesn't matter to me that my kitchen is "out-dated" by todays standard, or that my clothes do not carry a designer label.  It matters to me that I live a simple life, free from drama, free from fear and dread.  That I have hope and peace, sprinkled liberally with joy and carry with me deep inside a sense of serenity  that cannot be shaken, even in the midst of hardships.   "Love never fails"  "Prayer never fails" and "Faith can move mountains" and as it says in Psalm 30:5  ... joy cometh in the morning.

photo of my mother on the phone

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One day at a time said...

Patty i needed to read that today.
I will hold your grandaughter in my prayers for a quick recovery to her operation this week. Best wishes x

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