Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Simple Life

When all is said in done in any given day, what I love most in life, is to sit outside, watch the chickens scratch around looking for food, listen to the birds sing, watch the sunrises and sunsets and work around the farm, old jacket on, hands dirty, mud boots on my feet.  I might want to look chic from time to time, but it isn't the real me, the real me is the simple living gal, that likes to do things the old fashioned way and feel the satisfaction of being independent.   Life is good.  I love the simple life, where you are free to go most of the day with hair uncombed, and wear wonderful wool hats that are never seen in fashion magazines !


Janette said...

It looks like it is actually warmer to the north of you! We went out for our walk at about 10 and we just wore simple jackets!
I, too, enjoy just being myself. Enjoying wool socks in the winter and summer dresses all summer. Not having to dress for work is a relief after so many years of dressing up!

One day at a time said...

Patty i make no secret how i enjoy your blog, but i have to tell you,i feel such a nice feeling when you show a pic of your hubby Emery, that man has kindness, honesty and a gentleness written all over his face. x

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