Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Garden Time

The weekend was perfect for getting the east garden spot ready for planting.  We tilled it, knowing rain is in the forecast for this week, then after the rain we will rake it and see if we think its ready for planting or if it needs one more round with the cultivator.   The weathermen tell us the chances of winter weather are all but non existent now.  We are getting itchy to get the snow peas, potatoes and onions in.  Our usual planting time around here is the 14th but this year we are going to gamble with natures signs and plant a week early.    We have enjoyed collard greens and lettuce all year from the raised bed garden and the leaks are still green and growing, having wintered well.    The chickens have come out of their molt and are laying once again.  We let them live a natural life, no forced winter laying.  No lights to fool them into thinking its not winter !  
Life is going to get busy again, with planting time here.  Love this time of the year.  Still a need for the wood stove but sunshine and blue skies during the day with rain from time to time.  

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