Tuesday, October 27, 2009

triad tänd ett ljus

I know, Christmas is a long ways off, but I just drank a bottle of Julmust and that always puts me in the mood for Christmas. I was surprised to see it in the store already but couldn't pass it up, no matter how early it is. This is the music of my morning, Julmust in hand ~


aubryz said...

What is Julmust?

Patty said...

Julmust is a Swedish Christmas soda

Iowa Gal said...

What does the title mean and also what language? thanxx!

Patty said...

Its Swedish... it translates something like this.
(English: Light A Candle)

You can get the sky and the moon I pick 'em down for you
And the land
as you go on and I give it to you And the snow falling softly And
crust of the earth Cause I love you, yes, I love you More than
someone should
Come and lite a candle in the night And show that we live In the
beautiful of time Before it's over
And I wish of my heart That it was the peace of the world
That times change The more human values And there is so much
I want to tell you Before it becomes days
Before its December
drawn his last breath But come and put you
here next me We miss words You're beautiful, yes, you're beautiful
The most beautiful on earth

dog trot farm said...

Patty I had never heard of Julmust. I "googled" it and realzied there is a Swedish specialty shop located in Portland. Next time I'm in the area I hope to find this and give Julmust a try. Hope you and your family are doing well. Prayers to you.

Grandma said...

I loved it; I couldn’t understand a word of it, but still loved it. What beautiful voices. I listened to it several times. Thanks

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