Monday, October 26, 2009

CAT scan done

Now I just have to wait until November 3rd to find out the results of the CAT scan. I am not particularly patient when it comes to waiting for test results but I will do my best.
The scan was a breeze. My veins are easy to find so the IV was nothing, hardly felt it go in, but I sure felt the contrast go into my veins, that stuff was COLD.
Its been a miserably rainy day and the drive in and out was less than pleasant. It took me an hour to get home and usually its about a half hour drive into the big city.
Might need one more test, a cystoscopy, which I hope I won't need. But the possibility exists that I may have it done on the 3rd. I am praying hard on that one.
Sure will be happy to have this all done with. My symptoms have all disappeared which is a real blessing.
Thanks for all your prayers and I can feel the power of them.

Melanie is sick again, this time it appears she has the regular flu and Mei-Ling has a cold or a sinus infection. She goes to the Doctor Wednesday. Its been quite a month for us, health wise.


Morning's Minion said...

I hope that the disappearance of symptoms is good news that something has worked with the medications. Sorry to hear that Melanie and Mei-Ling are sick--you are all due for a spell of good health.
Some difficult and frustrating things going on here. I've found myself repeating the lines from an old hymn: "grant us wisdom, grant us courage; for the facing of this hour." Good words for chasing out the "what if's".

Marianna said...

Praying that Melanie and Mei Ling feel better soon, and that you get good results from the CAT scan.

I don't know about you, but I'm really quite ready for this rain to move on. I walked across my yard this morning and it sounded like a wet sponge!

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