Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Natures Fall Garden

Natures Fall Garden
~Loise Pinkerton Fritz~

The treetops are sun-touched
Along country lanes
That wend through the meadows
And woodland terrain.
The leaves are so beauteous
With color aflame,
Since nature is singing
Its autumn refrain.

Near fence rows grow sumacs
All coned with bright red,
And bordering these beauties
Are goldenrod beds.
Sun's rays touch the earth shades
And highlight each hue
Of nature's fall garden
As autumn skips through.


Teri said...


I covet your parsnips! I didn't have much luck with root crops in my high-desert garden this year. How do you cook your parsnips?


Patty said...

we love our parsnips fried, not healthiest form to eat them, but ummm ummm good. Plus we eat them mashed with carrots and then we have them in boiled dinners.

Teri said...

The only way I've had them is fried in butter by my grandmother. I loved them, and always wished there were more. In this northern Arizona high desert, it can be a little tricky getting great parsnips. I'll try again next year. Thanks for sharing! :)

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