Friday, October 30, 2009

Busy Day

It was a busy day around here. Yesterday I worked on painting a wall in the living room so it would all be ready for Emery to help me move some furniture around when he got home from work, and he helped me lay more of the new flooring in the living room. We ended up staying up late to get more done, then we were both up early, so not as much sleep as normal.
I had Mei-Ling stay with me this morning as Melanie had a Doctors appointment. She has not been feeling all that great since she had the swine flu and it seems now she has a upper respiratory infection so they are watching her closely. Casi had the day off so I told them to enjoy the day, knowing that Mei-Ling and I would enjoy spending the day together and we did.
Playing, laughing, watching the animals, doing some house work, for which she loves to help.
And then nap time in Grammie and Grandpa's big old feather bed. I showed Mei-Ling a simple music box jewelry chest that I found at a thrift store, she wanted to find out what make it work and discovered that by taking out the bottom drawer, she could see the music box works and she sat there watching it with pure child delight, never touching it, just observing. A moment of pure delight for me just to watch her. She hugged a tree out back and I laughed, thinking she is her grandmothers girl.
Tonight the children were all here for supper, well not all the children since Melissa and James thought the drive from Vermont to Texas was just a little long : )
It's wonderful to be wrapped up in so much love, surrounded by family. Its what life is all about. Love and being loved. Life is good ~

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