Saturday, October 24, 2009

It is the kind of morning I love best

It is the kind of morning I love best. Slow and easy, no demands, nothing to rush about. There are things I need to do today, but not dictated by any clock. Go to the vets for Harry's heart worm medicine. Go the feed store for hay and feed. Drop off a big bag of stuff at Goodwill and beyond that, nothing is pressing in any way. I will make a birthday cake for Steven and Priscilla later today (they have birthdays only a few days apart and celebrate their anniversary the day after Stevens birthday) and maybe even make the casserole for tomorrows family meal.
I will try to tidy the house a bit, but its still in chaos from the work that started before I got sick. Half the new living room floor is done, half remains to be done. We took out a bookcase that was built in and it is in the hallway, and the wall where we took it down, needs to be patched and painted. Furniture is not where it belongs, but such is life. Not everything gets done just when we want it and one thing getting older has done for me is release me from stressing over that fact. There are far more important things in life and I know it will get done in time. And probably before the middle of November when I will host a baby shower for Melanie. Stressing out over things doesn't make it happen before it can be done.
Every single day I count my blessings and it sort of puts things in perspective for me. So what if the floor isn't done yet, I wake up every morning knowing I am loved profoundly by the man I love just as much. I am never lonely. I have children that I enjoy and love so much and they love me and like to be around me. We talk every day. I have grandchildren that light up my life, seriously they do and I have friends that are good people. I have a warm and cozy house, it may not be big and fancy, but that is never what I wanted in life. I have just the kind of home I dreamed of, full of love and memories. Simple and a home through and through. It doesn't take all our money or cause us to worry about how we will manage on Social Security. I have good food to eat and room for a garden and animals that I enjoy. We have money to pay the bills that come each month and we have no debt, none, not even a house payment. I laugh every single day many times and rarely cry. Emery has never said one harsh or unkind word to me in our nearly 31 years of marriage. He has never lied to me or caused me any pain. I feel cared for and provided for. I have never been neglected in all my years of marriage or under-appreciated. I am thanked daily for the small things in life.
So how could I worry about something as silly as a wall needing to be painted when my life is so abundant !
Some would say I am lucky to have the good life that I have, but to be honest, it has nothing to do with luck, it has to do with choosing a fine godly man and praying about who I would marry and not settling for just anyone. Our life together has been one that is just as comfortable kneeling down together in prayer as it is sharing a meal at Taco Bell. I prayed for a gentle kind man to marry and never once thought about how much money he made or what kind of car he drove. I prayed for a man who was not self centered but loving and waited for God to put that man right in my path and He did.

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