Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"New Dawn"

"New Dawn" is the name of this rose and its one of my favorites.  Such a soft pink, with a very delicate texture.  We transplanted this bush a few months ago, we did the unheard of, we transplanted it without cutting it back.  We did the entire bush, long trailing vines and all.   It looked a bit under the weather for a while but with careful feeding and lots of tender love, it has come to life in an extraordinary way.  Blooming better than it ever did before.  The reason we transplanted it was because I was certain it did not like the spot we had originally planted it in. 
I am sure there is a lesson for mankind in this replanting experience.  I can think of several, and most are of the spiritual nature.   And, then, the name seems to suit this whole experience, "New Dawn", perfect name. 
Its turned into a gray sort of day, with moments when the sky opens and rain falls by the bucketful.  Then as fast as it arrived, it leaves.  During the no rain times, the birds rush to the feeders, eat quickly, so they can feed their nestlings and the whole cycle repeats itself.
I felt a bit like the birds today, during the non rain moments, I was out picking my lavender.  There is a chance of hail tonight, and I did not want to see the sweet smelling lavender lost.  Bunch by bunch I tied it up, hanging it in the living room off the big cedar beam that spans the room, scenting the room.  Finally I realized I was stealing from the bees as they too were rushing in to gather from the lavender.  With a touch of compassion, I left some for them.  They too have needs, perhaps far greater than mine in regard to the lavender.   Always, when I am outside gathering herbs, or picking vegetables or roses, I am reminded of how great God's love is for us.   My bare feet are wet, with bits of grass and lavender stuck to them. My fingernails, not polished or manicured, but instead, my nails are at this moment, caked with soil, dark brown.   I don't mind that.  Washing dishes will take care of that.  The day is one of cycles.  Renewals.  I stop what I am doing outside, gaze up at the sky, gray clouds, full of water, about to burst.  The bark of the trees so dark from the rain.  The leaves, full, little cups for tiny water drinkers. The air, so clean smelling.  We all have so much to be thankful for, even in the midst of trials.  We can be thankful for all that has been created for us, for our loved ones and for all that lives. 

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Roses around the door... said...

I was there for a moment in your garden with you, New Dawn is a very popular rose here in England, i think i might treat my garden to one. Best wishes x

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