Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Feeling Full

The title of this blog post has nothing to do with eating, but everything to do with life.  Over Mothers Day weekend, I felt so blessed by my children.  A call Saturday morning from a dear young man telling me, "Mom, be all dressed and ready by 5:30, we are picking you and Dad up and taking you out to eat."   On Friday, when the mail arrived, there was a beautiful card from a city three hours away, such loving words and a note, perfect words, carefully chosen to match what the heart felt and described not only a love for a mother, but a friendship and a note about how I had always been there.  A gift card was inside, that would unfold a plan.  A sweet sweet plan.  Sunday morning, while the birds were singing their morning song, a voice called out to me from the house, I was on the porch as is my habit now.  "Mom, Happy Mothers Day !"  How I smiled thinking back to a time when that now strong masculine voice was childlike and later when it squeaked and cracked with the coming of manhood.  How many times I have heard that sweet voice, call, "Mom...."  What a blessing this young man has been to us, how thankful I am that he joined our family.  Roses, chocolate and card, carefully picked.  A hug, now so strong.  A second card, colored with crayons. Signed by a sweet grand-daughter, her complete name, written with pride.  Such love.
The next day, two little boy hands present me with a pink box, wrapped with care, one end taped up well by a loving little girl. A card, again, chosen with care, the second one by one of my favorite artists.  The words, perfect. The note attached, so loving.  So true.
The gift, the very thing I had just the night before, told Emery how much I want one for a certain spot.  A gorgeous hummingbird feeder.  A packet to make the food included.  The children know me, their gifts show it.  Now, to that gift card...it seems my eldest had plans, perfect plans.  She gave her sister the same gift card, knowing how much Melanie and I would enjoy lunch together, thinking of Melissa, wishing she could have been with us.  My heart, full, I felt completely filled up with love.  I wrote this on Mothers Day...I love Mothers Day, but what I love more, is that my three children tell me throughout the year, that they appreciate me, and love me. Each day, at least one of them reminds me of how loved I am. This to me, is a gift way beyond the one day celebration. Thank you children, for always making me feel appreciated, valued and loved. I feel like every day is Mothers Day !
The children made jokes about how they wished they could have been here in the morning, to make me soggy toast and eggs well fried, just as they did as small children.  We all had a chuckle thinking about those times.  How full my life has been and it continues to grow in fullness.

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Beautiful family!

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