Saturday, May 11, 2013

Its Time to Say Good-Bye

Today I learned that something I wrote on here hurt a loved one deeply.  It wasn't intended to, but the fact remains it did.  I didn't even know it had hurt them.  I am not even sure if what I wrote was written with them in mind, or if I referred to them in the post.  But, the fact remains, I never want my words to hurt anyone.  Yes, I am opinionated, and sometimes just say what I am thinking, no intended target other than a philosophy, that at that moment may seem contrary to how I see life.   I am removing the blog in a weeks time.  
I read something today that gave me full direction, a deeper understanding of why the understanding of compassion is so important to me.  There is a difference between love and compassion, yet they blend together so well when understood.  I want a life of being able to see life through someone elses skin, when they are suffering, remove judgement from the equation all together.  This is what I read this morning from Thich Nhat Hanh...."Love is a mind that brings peace, joy, and happiness to another person. Compassion is a mind that removes the suffering that is present in the other."

I appreciate all my readers and have found so many good cyber friends though the years from blogging, but the time has come to remove the possibility of hurting someone I care about or even hurt a stranger.  


La Tea Dah said...

Sadness. You were one of the first blogs I ever started reading. I will miss Morning Ramble.

sheila said...

Patty, I don't think we can live without unintentionally hurting someone's feelings, it's just a part of life. It happens through no fault of our own. I know so many people will miss you, your lovely family and your posts. You have been a bright light in this world of blogs. I can tell that this has hurt you deeply and I'm sorry for that. I hope that you will reconsider in time and start posting again. Until then, know that you have my love and best wishes.

Roses around the door... said...

Patty i feel i could cry at your new's, your blog was the first i ever read.I was going through a difficult time and found your blog by accident which makes me think i was meant to find you.You have helped me at times more than you will ever know, you write beautifully and your photo's are alway's a pleasure to see. I am sure patty if the person in question knew how you have helped so many, it would lighten their upset. Please patty if you have any doubt, reconsider your decision.
I feel so sad.x

Cathi said...

Even though I may disagree with you on certain subjects, I would never take anything you say personally..I will surely miss your blog..especially the sharing of the beautiful pictures and stories of your wonderful family.

Lori Alexander said...

There are many people who get offended very easily. Just speaking our opinions will offend someone. Maybe just tell that person you are sorry and then move on. You seem to enjoy writing so much that it would be a shame to allow one person to stop you from doing it.

KB said...

Your writings and photography have always been insightful and inspirational. I hope you keep them all and publish them in a book some day.

It is nice to be compassionate,and we should. But some people's pain cannot be removed by another until they give it up.

Please keep writing!

Jessie S said...

you use your blog to process your thoughts.

im pretty sure you've also mentioned how perfectly imperfect you are.

apologize, and move forward with your blog.

if you delete it, then you're essentially admitting guilt.

dont cut off your nose to spite your face, yo.


Morning's Minion said...

I can only agree with and affirm what others have said here--your blog has long been one of my favorites and I hope you will reconsider and keep posting.
If we know, even after the fact, that we have spoken, or written, words in a mean spirit or when we have not worked through our own anger or pain regarding a situation, then apologies are owed. Sometimes we unwittingly hurt another and perhaps that means that we need always to consider the impact of our words. There are, of course, people who take offense too easily because of their own personality or experiences.
I have enjoyed your candor in posting about your spiritual journey--I don't have to agree with every direction that you explore in order to appreciate you.
Take a break if that helps you, but please don't in a time of remorse remove the blog or quit sharing the thoughts and happenings which we enjoy.

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