Thursday, May 16, 2013

Natures Fury

Natures fury was unleashed last night, 13 tornadoes in North Texas.  2 of them within 5 or 6 miles of us.  A friend lost his roof, his bedroom wall and just about every window was broken, but he and his family are safe.  We went to do a few errands this afternoon, and drove past the outskirts of where the most hard hit area is.  The hard hit areas were not on our path and there were people working hard to make things safe there and I had no desire to be in their way. All along the road, trees were down by the thousands.  Roofs gone, so many without electricity.  I had mixed emotions about taking pictures.  Its like you are capturing someones misfortune, but at the same time, photos serve as a reminder that we are not in control of all things and that we have to have respect for the forces of nature, be wise and take shelter when danger is approaching.  We were blessed, we had about 40 minutes warning that tornadoes were heading our way, plenty of time to seek shelter.  Earlier in the day we had heard that the weather could turn bad, so we packed a bag of the things we had to have.   The community will rebuild, we all know that things, even homes and what we call treasured items, are just things and that the only real value we have is our loved ones.  These photos are reminders of that.


Lucy said...

Oh wow . I'm glad you are all safe

Anonymous said...

eesh, I am glad yall are safe, we was at Church when we seen one, I think it was the one that went through Nocona :/
DH tried to call my cell, he stayed home, and since we could see the tornado from our church close to Decatur,they had him,and i stay there and not get on the road to get home which is like 5 miles down road.
A friend at church had tractors,hay baler tore up,and a hole in roof,and her dd truck tore up.

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