Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Garden Goodness

Flowers to please the eye, and a garden full of food for nourishment.   Today I spent some time in the garden, early in the morning, dew still heavy on the ground.  Birds singing, a gentle breeze blowing.  Muddy bare feet, dirty hands...pulling weeds and then harvesting snow peas, Chinese radish, collard greens, what is probably the last of the asparagus, and some shallots.  A perfect morning.  Emery has a day off, so he worked on finishing up the screening in of the east porch.  Edgar and Allen my adopted crows, came in for a bite to eat and chatter at me.  Mockingbird in tow, picking on them, pecking them at every chance.  There are bullies in the bird world it seems.  I get to watch, looking up from my garden, thankful that I have time to watch and thankful that I am not Edgar or Allen on this fine morning.

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