Monday, February 11, 2013

Year of The Snake

What a fun day we had yesterday, celebrating the Lunar New Year !  We arrived at Hong Kong Marketplace just as the Lion Dance was about to begin.  There were thousands of people there.   4 lions, and one very long dragon entertained us all.   The firecracker lines were long and loud, which sent Emery and Mei-Ling into the mall.  It was earth shaking kind of loud but fun.  I stood right in front, fingers in my ears like everyone else around me.   After all the fun, we headed into the store to do our food shopping.  We are frequent shoppers at this market.  The best produce and if you want fresh fish or meat, this is the place to go and the prices are the best around.    What a fun day we had.   Little Yen was not feeling good, so he and my daughter had to miss out on the celebrations this year.   
Last night, we all enjoyed a wonderful meal with friends and family.  Perfect day, except for Yen not feeling well.

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