Aging Is Wonderful in Many Ways

In a world that sometimes seems to worship youth and hold on to it as if it was all that is of value, there is a wonderful secret, that only a few seem to know...aging is a wonderful time of life.  It is a time when the wisdom we have gained through experience, gives us insight, and when we have taken the time, to understand what is of true value,  we can walk mindfully, with peace deep inside of us.  There is no longer a need to show off, or put emphasis on what we now know, does not matter in the long run.  As we age, we can take time to become a better person, a kinder soul, a gentler man or woman.   Suddenly there is time to think, where as when we had small children running around, our moments were spent in helping them grow into fine young people.  Now is the time we can sit back a bit and see the fruits of our labor.  It is a wonderful time in life, a time to grow into the person we desire to become.


Oh patty how true your words are, you write with such a comforting way.
Do you have your snow? x
Patty said…
much to my dismay, no snow yet
Cathi said…
I totally agree with you. I love being "mature" (72).....have no deadlines to deal with, children grown, grandchildren to enjoy, a wonderful, loving husband of 42 years. The only thing I have a little trouble dealing with is looking old! LOL.
Patty said…
I so understand that part Cathi, I do not like how my skin is aging on my arms. Somehow that bothers me more than the wrinkles showing up on my face : )

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