Monday, February 25, 2013

Spring is Has Sprung

Almost every day you can find me out in the gardens, pruning rose bushes, planting more rose bushes, working in the garden or just walking around checking the progress of things.  This morning I was happy to find my lavender plants loaded with buds !  The oregano did so well this winter and has taken off already spreading.   The fruit tress are budding out and the Ash tree is far ahead of all the others with tiny vibrant green leaves bursting forth.   My fingernails are always dirty, my hands a bit rough around the edges, my back a bit sore from planting lots of blue potatoes yesterday, but its all worth it.  Today, the wind is blowing as if it were March already !  What a blessed time, the coming of spring is !


aimee said...

Agreed! Spring is a HUGE blessing!
Here we, of course, are behind you in terms of signs of spring...
however, I was thrilled yesterday to see some of my daffodils had opened and flowers on the largest pieris:)
Enjoy your garden work...I need to check how long till I can start the cool weather crops here.

Patty Sumner said...

Sounds and looks wonderful Beki! I am so ready for Spring....I love Roses....The older I get the more I enjoy them in my garden...Daffodils are blooming here too..Bring on the Spring...Blessings!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Oh, you are a good six to eight weeks ahead of us here on the Canadian border! But spring will be here too, in the fullness of time!

Meanwhile I can enjoy your blog.

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