Monday, February 04, 2013

Monday Morning Ramble

A morning of simple steps.  
We planted until sundown, late enough to hear the coyotes close by, howling and yipping.  It seemed early for them to be so active and made us aware that the day had given way to evening. 
A gentle rain fell this morning, perfect for our newly planted garden rows.   A great blessing. 
The trees dark with moisture on their bark.  Winter is loosing ground and spring is on the way.  A few early flowers letting it be known, that the groundhog was right.
I love the gentleness of this day, the easy steps, taken mindfully as I walk around our place with my camera.  Mindful of the beauty around me, mindful of my breath, mindful of this moment, this moment that is the only time that is a reality for me at this second.  There is no fear, no worry, no anxiety in this moment, only peace and a calm that has spread over me like a gentle hug.  Life is good, but we need to take the time to acknowledge the simple things that make it that way.  Our breath, the sky, the air, our eyes that see, our ears that hear, our sense of touch, the scent of a rose, the smile offered to us and of course the wonder of love.


Patty Sumner said...

I sure hope the "signs of Spring" are right and the groundhog too. I cannot believe you are plating already.. Wow! My daffodils are popping our of the ground but no blooms.. Happy Planting and blessings!

La Tea Dah said...

From my house (still very much winter) to yours (spring has arrived!). I love your encouraging spring post!

Henrietta said...

I was wondering what the pink and white flowers are, about half way up your photos.
Your vegetable garden is truly a thing of beauty and inspirational.

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