Friday, February 15, 2013

Garden Time

A chilly day in the garden, but nothing that a thermos of hot tea could not make it a pleasant time.   Rows of snow peas, baby choi, Chinese celery, kale and carrots were planted today.  The north wind blew cold and the gray skies seemed to hold a promise of rain to come.  The old barn, now serves as a wood shed and for me seems like a creepy sort of place, strange stirrings were heard inside as I passed by.  I am sure some sort of creature has taken refuge from the cold in there today, hiding from the wind and damp cold air.  I had no desire to see just what it was in there, it seemed better to just go about my business of planting.  Looking up from my work, from time to time to listen to a bird sing, or watch the clouds pass by over head.  As I was looking out to the wood, something caught my eye.  I Bobcat ran along the fence line for a bit and then took off to the woods.  I suspect he thought it was still dusk or dawn by the color of the sky, as they are usually not out and about during the day.  Or perhaps he was just on his way to a warmer spot to rest.  I was thankful I was on the other side of the fence from him, but he was beautiful to watch.  Fearing to make any quick movement, and startle  him, there was no way I could snap a photo of him, even with my camera not too far away.    The morning was a delight.  A bit of work, a bit of rest, with a cup of steaming hot ginger tea, and then some time to read while the smell of the dark soil filled the air around me.  

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