Thursday, February 28, 2013

Its Been A Long Week

There are often challenges in our lives, and we can allow them to over take them, or we can ride through them, moment by moment, without letting them over take us.   Melanie was admitted into the hospital with a very bad case of influenza b, despite having a flu shot.  She is now home and doing much better.  Tamiflu has helped but it was $131 for that one prescription and they have insurance, lousy insurance to be sure.  We got our car back a day early and that helped a great deal with all that was going on.   Mindfulness, got me through all this, living in the present.  Today, the coming of spring, plum blossoms, blue skies and the wonder of new life.

1 comment:

Denise said...

Do you think she caught it when she went to the hospital about what they thought was her heart?
Poor baby! Can't catch a break :(

Hope she is on the mend...

Hugs from a cold and cloudy TN
Denise in TN

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