Thursday, December 23, 2010

One More Cookie Baking Day

After heading out this morning for a breakfast date with Melanie and the children, we came home and decided to have one more cookie baking day. What fun we had. We let Mei-Ling do all the decorating of the gingerbread bears and people by herself and she did a great job. She has enough baking with Grammie experience to know how to roll out the dough and cut the cookies out without any help. How I love to see her eyes light up with joy as she works in the kitchen. I know, that the long tradition of bakers in the family will be continued.
Yen was more than happy to sit in his chair and watch us. Smiling and laughing the whole time.
Melanie made some cute reindeer cookies using red hearts for mouths, pretzels for antlers, and mini chocolate chips for eyes.


sandra said...

I love to see the children doing Christmas baking - such fun. It's been so humid here this year that my gingerbread just collapses and the icing doesn't harden. Oh well, it tastes just as good in pieces as it does in a whole shape LOL. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Lisa said...

I love Mei-Ling's darling Christmas dress! Is Yen already walking? It looks like he is standing in the one photo posted today. Merry Christmas! Lisa in NM

Patty said...

Hi Lisa, Mei's dress, another good find at Goodwill ! Yen is taking steps, walking when he is not thinking what he is doing, when he thinks about it, he decides to crawl instead, perhaps a bit more reliable to his thinking : )

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