Friday, December 17, 2010

Little Girl Aprons

When my girls were little, my mothers best friend made them aprons using the same pattern. The girls loved them and so didn't I. Kept their dresses clean when they were helping me in the kitchen, when they were painting or eating at a fellowship dinner at church.
So now, I make the very same aprons for my little grand-treasures. I found the cutest busy bee fabric which just seemed perfect for two little busy bee's that love to help their mommies in the kitchen.

Looks like they will be done in plenty of time for Christmas, wrapped up under the tree, made with love by Grammie.


Lib said...

Love these aprons! How Blessed Your Grand-Treasures are to have you!
Merry Christmas!

Q said...

This is darling! I see it's Simplicity, what's the pattern number?

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

These are darling....And what fun for them to have the same ones when there are larger family gatherings.

Patty said...

the pattern number is 8916

Q said...

Found one, thank you! Love that there are 'girly' styles in the package as well as the one that can easily be boyish.

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