Thursday, December 09, 2010

Joyful Simplicity

Hanging clothes on the line this time of year often results in some cold fingers but the pay off is worth it. Standing under a bright blue sky with wispy clouds strung across the wide expanse like bits of wool, pulled thin, ready to spin. A tiny bird flew past me, too fast and too small to identify, yet its song so lovely as he/she sat on a branch near by. If I was just throwing the clothes in a dryer, I would not have seen this flighted wonder, or smelled the fresh air mingle with the scent of my home made laundry soap clinging to the clothes as I hung them up.
Across the yard I walked, soaking in the way the last stubborn leaves have hung onto the branches of the nearly naked trees, reminding me of mankind, myself included of course. We hold on to things when its time to let go, things as in possessions that are worn out or not used, or attitudes that no longer serve us. Anger too, can be held onto as if a dear friend, but it never is a friend. We can hold on to character flaws and label them things like "quirky personalities" or "hang ups". There are lessons for us daily in the natural world. There is also beauty that goes beyond any words we have. Right now, the sun is golden on the tree tops, and across the grass. It surpasses any masterpiece hanging in a museum. This beauty connects us to something deep inside us if we allow it to. The creator, so all knowing, so compassionate, so profound, has given us sights, sounds, scents, taste and something that combines them all to help us see a bit of who He really is. I don't need or want a life that takes me away from this connection with Him.
I thrive on the joyful simplicity of a walk outside or an hour by the window, just looking, just thinking about how miraculous Gods ability to see each tiny detail of life.

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sandra said...

Amen! I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas.

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