Friday, January 22, 2010

Update on The BIG Cat

The big cat is still on the prowl and has managed to stay clear of the trap set for him/her. So many of you have written asking about how Licorice is doing, so here is an update on her.
Most of her wounds healed without much of a problem, with the exception of her ear, which was so badly wounded. We fought infection for about two weeks and much to every ones dismay, part of her ear was lost. Two huge bites were taken from it and part of the ear simply atrophied. A major vein running through it was severed.
Removing the ear would have been a last resort as it would have left her vulnerable to all sorts of things getting in the ear canal and she would have had no ability to shake off insects on that side of her face, so leaving what could be left, in tact, gives her more protection then if the ear had been removed. She has a rather sad looking ear on one side, but iIt doesn't seem to be bothering her and she is as sweet as ever. Getting bigger every day with kids due in about 9 weeks. We lock the goats up in the barn, faithfully each evening as the sun sets and we feel confident that they will be kept safe that way. Still would like to find that big cat in the trap some morning so he could be moved to a more remote area.


Toni said...

Yay for Licorice feeling better! That ear gives him the look of a fighter!
PS~ I love your always makes me smile.

Linda said...

Give Licorice an extra treat for me. I love goats. I'm so glad she's made a good recovery.

Janette said...

Cats usually have about 150 mile range. It is most likely you will not see "him" again. Once removed from their circle, cats die- generally- with in a year. We were told by rangers it is actually more humane to kill them then let them starve to death. Ours came back once a year- but never bothered our animals after the first scare. We sure could hear him though.
I am relieved that Licorice is looking and feeling better.

Sincerely, Emily said...

Good to hear (and see) Licorice is doing well. Emily in So. TX

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