Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dreary Day

Rain with storms complete with thunder, lightening and high winds made the afternoon one to stay inside. Plus, I came down with a cold yesterday. I had been fighting it for a while now and I guess the cold won.
Everyone was over for supper last night which was so nice, it had been a while since there had been so much going on with Melanie's health and the arrival of wee Yen. Good news with Yen, he only woke up once last night, so Melanie was pretty happy to get some much needed rest.
I spent most of the day being lazy without feeling one bit guilty for not accomplishing 100 different things : ) I did get some reading done which was so nice.
The cold weather arrives this evening so just got the fire in the stove going. It feels so good. Cozy winter kind of good.
Emery is going to do chores tonight as he did this morning. He didn't want me going out in the dampness with my cold. What a good guy he is ! I feel blessed by his deep kindness on every level of his life. Every day I think how blessed our children and grandchildren are to have him as an example.
Here are a few photos from last night as we captured on film some of the fun the girls had playing. Yen slept soundly through all the noise and talking.


mary said...

What a beautiful end to a dreary day. Stay warm and take care of yourself! You have such a lovely family.

Echoes From the Hill said...

Wat a cute photo of the little girls, holding hands. May they be best friends, as they grow up!

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