Friday, January 08, 2010

"The light that shines the farthest, shines brightest at home."

Naturally this week I have thought a lot about family and the reward of working hard when the children are small to create a family that shines bright. When our children were small we made it our single goal to focus on raising children that would be a blessing and not a curse. We made God first, our relationship second and then everything beyond that went to raising our children in a way that we ourselves had never known. We prayed every night from the time they were born for them to find good life mates, and we taught our children to pray and have faith in something much greater than material standing. We knew that when raising your family, you have one shot at it. There are no "do-overs". Sure we made mistakes but I like to think we didn't do too many major ones and when we did, we begged God to somehow cover our mistakes with His mercy. Emery and I knelt together many a time in bowed heads, with hands entwined, asking for wisdom and for understanding on how to train our children in the way they should go. And honestly, parenting is hard work, and being consistent is so difficult but it sure pays off.
This week, as we saw our first grandson born, our hearts filled with unspeakable joy, knowing that the light that shines from this little family is bright and that Melanie and Casi have shown with Mei-Ling that they too know the importance of raising a family to be a blessing.
I watch Melanie and Casi as they show love, compassion and consistency. They are gentle parents, yet know how to created good limits. As I have been caring for Mei-Ling this week I so appreciate that she doesn't touch things she shouldn't, she knows what "no" means and I never have to tell her twice of raise my voice to her. She goes to bed without a fuss and just pulls the covers up and says, "nighty night". She eats her food well, is not picky and wakes up each morning singing a song. This is a beacon of light that brings joy and shines far and wide.
Family is a wonderful thing...take time to build relationships with your children that show honor and respect to you. Be worthy of that honor.
Don't worry about how organized your cupboards are or what hangs in your closet more than how your children, adult and small alike contribute to this world. Work as hard on your relationship with your adult children as much as you do your hobbies and interests and if your children are small, give them more attention then you give to the stuff in your life.
This week, I am so well reminded that all the hard work of the past has paid off big time.
My children are a blessing to me and now I am seeing that there is another generation that will bring more and more blessings to us. Emery and I can sit in the evenings and give thanks for children that know what really counts in life has nothing to do with material gains.
We also can rest well and give thanks that our children have good lives, living free from so many of the problems that plague many young people.


cherylhotton said...

Beautiful post Patty ! All of your hard work and dedication has paidd off . You are blessed with a wonderful , loving family .

Lib said...

Congrats! What a Beautiful Baby!
You great parenting shows in your Post!
Have aGreat wk.end!

Deb said...

More YEN pictures, PLEASE??!?!?!

He is just soooooo beautiful~~

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