Saturday, June 30, 2007

Whats New In My Life

It is my humble opinion that one must try new things, read new books, look at something old in a new way, try a new food, listen to a new song, and memorize a new poem.
This week I tried to do all of the above.
I read a new book, Snowed Up by Rosalie Fry. About children in Wales snowed up in an old church. Its a childs book, but I liked it.
For a new food, I had the best tortillas made with olive oil.
New song....there were more than just one....I listened to some Thai popular music. It was actually kinda cute.
Memorizing seems to be "less easy" as I age. It often feels like overloaded circuits in my brain, files full kind of thing, but I work at it and this week I set out to memorizing the poem I wrote myself and shared on my other blog.
Tonight as the day was ending I actually played in the mud. An old thing, done in a new way. With crocks on my feet. Squishing out the holes, splashing up the back of my leg. Laughing and giggling with Emery about it.
I also spent a lot of time reading about the new urbanist movement. Very interesting stuff. Lots to think about.
The picture is to me, the most perfect look for a grandmother. Its a picture from the movie, "The Secret of Roan Inish" and I love how she looks in this shot. Some sort of life vision shows on her face and that is something very special.


rhonda jean said...

Thank you for this thought provoking post. Newness is sometimes underestimated by my contempories.

Sunny said...

Good idea, because, "they" say that to stave off dementia it is necessary to learn one new skill per year. As for me, I'd like to join you playing in the mud.

Jenny said...

I love that movie and I intend to look just like that granny when the time comes.

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