Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Quiet of the Evening

Emery and I choose to sit out on the front porch and pass the time away tonight. The rain couldn't reach us there. We watched the headlights of the few cars that went down the road shine brightly on the rain soaked road, and heard the frogs croaking in the creek. We talked and made plans for a few home improvements that have been waiting far too long to be done.
We sat near each other, close enough that our voices seemed hushed, as if to whisper in the quiet of this evening and retain a mood of simplicity and quietude.
We could hear the neighbors in their front yard enjoying this evening too. We can't see them but we heard their laughter and the voices of excited children as they ran around in the raindrops.
It just feels so simple, so uncomplicated. No distractions, no interruptions.
We live within our means, we avoid the rat race and the mad rush for things. We want little and need so few things to keep us happy. The quiet of the evening reminded us of how wonderful life is.
The bed waiting to be made up in the guest room, the light casting a glow of warmth. Just a simple pleasure

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Nan - said...

Beautiful welcoming photograph, and simply lovely words.

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