Saturday, June 30, 2007

One More Post In Favor of Being Neighborly

Across the Way
Anne Tilley
I'm gad you are my neighbor...
It means so much to me
To share our early gardens
And a favorite recipe.
The days seems so much brighter
When you call to chat a bit
And borrow a cup of sugar
Or take turns to baby-sit.
When there's little time to visit
And we have few moments to share,
There's a deep contentment in my heart
Just to know that you are there.
Just to see your red geraniums
You have planted with loving care,
And the glow of your candlelight
Reflects the warmth of your presence there.
You've made my life much richer,
And I thank the Lord each day
For my kind and thoughtful neighbor
Who lives across the way.

the picture is of my cousins, sister and friends taken in the late 1970's. We used to meet together often just to chat and have coffee and always m&m peanuts !

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Paige said...

Family, friends and good neighbors are blessings that last forever.

Oh by the way you have been tagged. Come on over and see what its about.

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