Friday, June 29, 2007


There are so many blessings in my are a few

That God puts up with all my questioning

My husband, who is truly a gentle man in every way

That there is more love in my life than any other thing

My children and now a grandchild

My extended family and wonderful friends

That today my husbands weekly check is the same as what I made in a year in 1973

That I am surrounded by trees and beauty

That Emery and I have great health

I am blessed to have all that I need

To be able to pray

To be able to have music around me

That I have learned that worry is often greater than reality.

And around me right now there is sunshine to the east, rain in the west. I have music on that I love, Dervish CD "Playing with Fire", Barry's tea in a mug by my side. Bare feet, chickens clucking outside the window, the air smells so fresh, cicada's are "singing" in the trees along with so many birds. Butterflies and moths fluttering here and there, making me think of fairies.

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