Sunday, June 24, 2007

Still Dating After Alll These Years

Emery whisked me off to Ft Worth for the day today, shopping and a bit of lunch. We headed off to World Market for Barry's Tea, I was out and they carry it. Then some book shopping where this great statue sits outside the store. I just love it. Looks to me like a Grandpa reading to two grand-daughters. We had roasted vegetable pizza and some Killian's Red for lunch. I am a big fan of Killian's red. Always makes me think of our wonderful Irish Wolf Hound Killian. He was quite a dog. For dessert we had gelato, Emery had Coconut and I had a chocolate hazelnut gelato called "Donatella". Yummy stuff.
We did a bit more shopping, ended up buying a Clannad CD that I didn't already have. With all the years of the children doing Irish Step Dancing, we have a huge collection of Irish Music, but there is always room for more.
It was wonderful walking around hand in hand with this gentle man of mine. We stopped to look at different things, and somehow managed to steal a kiss or two while we walked around. It felt the very same today, dating this man as it did nearly 3 decades ago. Still that new love feeling, but better, there is comfort to it too. I felt that same first date excitement of holding on to his arm and having him gaze at me with eyes that still melt my heart to honey.
Love is grand, and combining that with pizza, Killian's red beer, gelato and shopping, it just doesn't get much better !

Driving in Ft Worth

The art work by the book store

Emery walking up to me

Pizza and Beer


Andrea said...

I know where you were ;)

I recognize those statues. Maybe not that one in particular (I may have seen it but not that up close) but I know where those statues are :)

Anonymous said...

The statue is wonderful - I'd much rather see those than the odd 'modern' stuff that's usually around. My eldest son LOVES the Irish music.

Patty said...

Right off Hulen Andrea, right ?
Love going to world market, central market. I would love to do all my food shopping at Central market, but.....

Patty said...

Hi Sandra,
I am with you all the way on some of the modern stuff that you just have to guess what it is supposed to be.
Its always good to hear of another Irish music lover.
However when the kids were dancing I did get kinda tired of the same jigs and reels played on the accordian : (

Andrea said...

Yep right off Hulen. I love Central Market for their fruits and veggies. I've always seen them really fresh there, and still good!

Sometimes I go to the grocery store and try to buy certain fruits or vegetables and have to pick through to find one that isn't bad! I've been on a grape kick and have to check the bag to make sure none of them are moldy or whatever before I'll buy them.

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