Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Part of the Crowd

Right now it seems like much of the country is sick, even if you had your flu shot this year, something is lurking out there to catch you and make you sick.  Our family has been hit hard.  Bronchitis has made its rounds to about everyone, and RSV captured sweet little Yen.  He is still coughing after two weeks and several trips to the ER.  Fortunately, I have waited until everyone else was on the mend to get tackled by this whatever.  Heading to the Doctors this morning, so postings from me will be sparse for a few days more.  Stay well friends !


Simply Shelley said...

I am on the tail end of this stuff...it wasn't nice to me at all...praying you won't be sick long with it....God speed your healing....blessings

aimee said...

My hope and prayer is that your family would soon be in good health again.
God bless,
PS: Beautiful -- I need to ask my son, who lives in Texas now, if he has seen any cardinals. SO wish I could see one in real life someday-they are amazing!

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