Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A Walk in The Rain

After a trip to the Doctors office and some wonderful antibiotics for a sinus infection, I am feeling better finally.  However it seems this whatever it is, is making round two or is it three on the children of the family.  All the little ones are under the weather again.  It is the same in every family we know in the area.  The Doctor said the same thing, people feel better for a week or so then it comes back again.
I was tired of being inside, I never seem to be able to sit still very long.  That need to walk among the trees beckons me with something stronger than reason.  I know its probably not the best thing in the world to be wandering around in the rain when I am sick but the colors are so vibrant during a rain, the wood so dark, the raindrops like crystals hanging from the branches, and honestly, I like walking in mud.  My mind cleared of the fogginess that so often accompanies illness, after just a few steps in the cool damp air.  The wonderful world around me, wakened my dull senses and filled my head with wonder and delight.  Life is good, it really is.


Morning's Minion said...

I'm sorry you and your family are battling illness. Each season seems to bring a new and vicious 'bug.'
I too like to walk in the grey of the winter woods--I see things to photograph that I might miss on a sunny day.

Christine said...

This is exactly what happened to me..I got sick, I got better, it came back..ugh! Love your pictures.

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