Friday, November 30, 2012

Saying Good-bye To November

Afternoon shadows, wispy cirrus clouds, late roses, acorns by the handful, crunching leaves underfoot, trees nearly bare, oranges and yellows, uncommon for us,  Changes in so many ways are here, despite the warmth of the day. Well hayed barns, such a sweet smell.  The secret building of a gnome home for grandchildren to find on a cold December day, when magic is in the air.  Wood stacked high. Pine cones scattered on the ground.  I love this time of year when there is a sense of urgency to be prepared for old man winters visit.  Afternoon sun fading fast, moon rising while the sky is yet blue.  Pulling the shawl closer around me, that wind feels so different then a spring breeze.  What is warm at one time of the year, seems cool at the other end of the year.  Funny how that is, same temperatures, different feel to it.   I am thankful, there is a moment in each day when I can experience the world around me in this way.  Life is good.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas is on its way

For me, the Christmas season arrives about the first weekend of December and that is only because of a long standing tradition that came about the very first year I was married.  Emery and I got married on December 8th, 34 years ago and as soon as we said our "I Do's" I was thinking about putting up a tree in our new home.  Something very special about that first tree !  And, every year after that, with a few exceptions, we waited until that same week to put up our tree, always remembering the joy of that first tree and that first Christmas.  We were poor as church mice, so the gifts were small but filled with love.  This weekend we will be putting our tree up, remembering that first Christmas we shared together so long ago and remembering all our Christmases as we hang ornaments collected through time.  Ornaments that mean something, rather than follow some great color scheme.  I tried that once, a tree decorated like the ones in businesses or in a store display, beautiful, yes, but not personal and the girls begged me to not do it again.  The tree for them, even now as adults, is all about memories for them too.  I suspect another generation will be feeling the same way.  Our decorations are all about Traditions and I like it that way !  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Coffee Time

Pulla Bread all done, cinnamon rolls too. Ready for some coffee by the stove on this chilly evening.

Finnish Pulla Bread

Its the perfect afternoon for making Finnish Pulla Bread.  The stove is warm, not super hot, so setting the dough beside the stove provides the perfect place for the dough to raise.  Its one of those chilly, cloudy days that begs to have a house filled with the good smells of home made bread and cinnamon rolls.  I made enough dough to make both, which will please my husband greatly.   As has been my custom for over 30 years, whenever I knead bread dough, I pray for my children, and now my grandchildren, that their lives be full of goodness and wisdom.  Its a good way to spend that time.  No bread machines for me, it would take away this quiet time when I feel such a deep connection to the ways of old, and the future of my family.  How I love that even the simple things in life, feel sacred, holy and so connected.

Morning Blessings

A cold north wind, buckets full of kindling to get the fire going with out much trouble.  Soon the smoke is dancing and twirling in the wind, dipping down from time to time, past the windows. The air is scented with wood smoke, pine cones and cinnamon from the Apple Cinnamon Garland .  Later in the morning, Yen and I make gingerbread in the shape of a Dala Horse and we decorate them together.  One big one and one little one that is just the right size for a little boy.   There are so many blessings in a day.  A child's laughter, a big hug, seeing the joy in a child's face as he stirs cake batter.  The color of the leaves as they change, the way the leaves dance their way down from the branches on the wind.  Warmth, comfort, and love.  Life is good. 
On a side note, my youngest daughter Melanie is having oral surgery today with a bone graft.  We are all praying everything goes according to plans and she will be home this afternoon with as little discomfort as possible. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Sitting on the sofa last night, I glanced over to the wall with the mirror and saw this view of the living room.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lights of The Season

The first decoration I put up for Christmas are the lights in the window.  Such a warm glow, chasing the winter cold away and filling the room with that sign of hope for all the good things to come in our lives.

Color !

Even though the yarn drawer is full and the basket of projects is full next to my chair, I still could not resist the urge to purchase this yarn yesterday.  Not sure of what I want to do with it yet, but something fun, a cowl perhaps or maybe a shawl for those cold dreary days when the north wind howls and the wood stove has a ravenous appetite.  

Much To Catch Up....

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