For some strange reason the script in the last post was all wonky.  So, here is essentially what I said...In redecorating we had two main goals, the first was practicality.  The second goal was to find a style that reflected our goal of simplicity.  I guess we had three goals, the third to achieve a bit of that Scandinavian white look, which works great for this old house.  We can combine modern with the old, which is truly a reflection of us.  Modern life with two old folks, lol.
Our house was built in the early 1900's with walls not made to accommodate electric wiring.  Its external wiring in the old parts of the house where the walls are built without 2x4's  The ceilings are not square and have some dips and curves here and there.  The house is not meant to be all modern.  The wooden walls remind me of so many of the renovated Norwegian and Swedish homes that I just love.  Plus this new look allows me to have lots of red !
I now have a 14' counter top to work off of and I love that.  


Love the wood counter is that butcher block?

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