Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Read Something Last Night...

Last night I read something that put into words, my exact feelings.  Feelings that I have at times tried to walk away from or discard.  Its hard to be different.  Its hard to swim against modern current thought all the time.  But, what I read last night felt like "coming home" in thought.  
First I read this from Wikipedia, not always a very reliable source but this struck me as beautiful in so many ways and it pushed me on to read more, find more, examine more and in the entire process, cement in me what I had known for years, "Simplicity" is my road home.
This morning I read these words from. . .The Quaker Testimonies

"The testimony to simplicity is integral to Quaker faith: our spiritual responsiveness 
depends on being as free as possible from dependence on material security. Quakers 
therefore seek to resist the temptation to define their place in society by acquiring 
possessions. In so far as we are led towards true simplicity we will increasingly be called 
to dissent from much of what the modern world stands for.
Simplicity is not just about possessions but also about attitudes. Because of their integrity 
in business dealings, many early Friends prospered in business, especially in the 19
th century. The wealth they accumulated was not, however, sought for its own sake but was 
often used for the wider benefit of society and especially the dispossessed. We live much 
less simply than our forebears a hundred years ago, or than people in most other countries 
in the world. Simplicity involves constantly challenging the way we live and what our 
true needs are, and especially how our own standard of living is sometimes achieved at the expense of others. It means standing aside from the fuelling of wants and manufacturing of new desires."
 I read this piece in Wikipedia, the spark that reignited an old familiar, once held firm belief, the one that sent me searching deeper...
"Friends believe that a person’s spiritual life and character are more important than the quantity of goods he possesses or his monetary worth. Friends also believe that one should use one’s resources, including money and time, deliberately in ways that are most likely to make life truly better for oneself and others. The word testimony describes the way that Friends testify or bear witness to their beliefs in their everyday life. A testimony is therefore not a belief, but is committed action arising out of Friends' religious experience. Testimony to simplicity includes the practice among Quakers (members of the Religious Society of Friends) of being more concerned with one’s inner condition than one’s outward appearance and with other people more than oneself."
At this time of year, when I head to the stores for that perfect Christmas gift for a loved one, its good to head out the door of the house with this mindset of simplicity.


Shelley said...

Its a great understanding of what Jesus taught....putting others before ourselves...taking care of the spiritual man..more than the flesh. The Holy Spirit has been leading me on a more simple path for the last few years..I learn more each day...blessings friend.

Peacemom said...

As a Quaker, I thank you for this post. Lovely, this. ~Vonnie, NH

Denise said...

Sweetie I've often wonder why you've never been to a Quaker Meeting..
They are AMAZING..

Hugs from TN

Patty said...

Deninse, Emery and I have talked about going to a meeting many times, there is one in Ft Worth, so not that far from us, but, we just have not been yet. I think it would be a perfect fit for us.

Denise said...

There are different types of Quakers.. from those that hold reg. services to those that sit in silence waiting for G-D to speak to them..
Some are Jesus based .. some are more "open" to other faith base.

Quakers range from very conservative to very liberal pov.. even with in the same House.. but everyone seems to get along :) ..

Great group of folks for sure.. :)

Please let us know if you go.. I would be interested in your experience..

Hugs from TN

Patty said...

From what I read Denise, this is a silent meeting. Here is a link for the group

Denise said...

Looks just like the Nashville Quaker Meeting House :)

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