Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sometimes you just have to go with it

This redecorating thing is fun.  I decided the kitchen set needed to be painted white.  The chairs were your typical colonial, black and maple.  I decided they should be white, and the table too.   So chair one got painted this weekend.  Today, I decided to paint some wooden letter red for Christmas, "God Jul".  The red is such a delightful shade that the whole time I was painting the letters, I kept thinking, "maybe one chair would look good red, a bit of color, a splash !  In no time at all I found myself outside, painting the chair.  Sitting in the grass, smiling at myself for just going with that idea and liking it more with each brush stroke.  I kept imagining the grandchildren, wanting that chair instead of the white one, and could see them having their Christmas pictures in that chair and deciding that Emery can have the white chair each morning and I will sit in the red chair, it suits me !

A New Year

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