Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Its a funny thing to write about contentment after having three new rooms of furniture come into our house, but there was a need for newness.  Our dining room set was purchased in 1988 and saw 17 years of homeschooling done on it, along with countless hours of sewing and of course its original purpose, family meals.  Somewhere around 25,000 meals.  We spent lots of money way back then for that dining room set, enjoyed it, but this time we opted for something different.  Chairs that stack, 10 of them, to accommodate our ever growing family.  Contentment allows me the freedom to buy 10 chairs that together cost the amount of one chair purchased so many years ago.  I have nothing to prove, no need for ego driven purchases any more.  Our new dining room table, is simple too.  Spacious, yet reflects our desire for more simplicity.  The living room furniture tells the same story, with our old set being enjoyed now by our two daughters.  Sofa and chair to one, love seat to another.  I love that.    
We figured that after all these years, it was time to replace some of our things.  A new look, one that reflects our lives better.  Simple, comfortable and affordable.  Ikea was the perfect match for us.  I can mix the treasures I have with the new modern look and it works.  The front guest room, needed a bed in order to actually qualify as a guest room.  Yen wanted a room here, just as Mei-Ling has one.  It will be a bright red and white room, with gnomes and such.  Three rooms of furniture cost us less than what we spent in 1988 for a dining room set.  Contentment seems to spur on a bit of a frugal nature.   Less feels like so much more these days.

Tonight as the fire in the wood stove glows warm and homey, we sit together, content.  Life is good.


aimee said...

Is that Yen? Can he really be that big now. Great photo:)
PS: Love the rosemaling plate. Have a blessed Thanksgiving next week and enjoy your new decor!

Patty said...

Yes, it is Yen ! Hard to imagine he will be 3 in January. Time flies

Sandra said...

Hi Patty,

Love the new look in your home. I'm starting to feel the same way...less is more and contentment so important. My home seems to be slowly decluttering and becoming more clean-looking and definitely more comfy.

Is your sofa an "Ektorp"? We've been looking for a new sofa and have been thinking about one from Ikea (love that store!). Are you happy with the new sofa? Would you recommend it?


Patty said...

we love our new Ektorp sofa from Ikea. Must admitt it was a bit shocking to discover it came in a big box with some assembly required, not much, the back just gets put into place and the arms and legs screwed on, then the cover gets put on. Took all of 10 minutes. We are very happy with it and find it quite comfortable. It doesn't swallow you up, and is much nicer than the over sized sofas, my legs touch the ground ! I would recommend it.I love that the cover can be laundered at home, no dryer but thats fine with us. Plus, you can change colors of cover should you decide you want a change.

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