Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas is on its way

For me, the Christmas season arrives about the first weekend of December and that is only because of a long standing tradition that came about the very first year I was married.  Emery and I got married on December 8th, 34 years ago and as soon as we said our "I Do's" I was thinking about putting up a tree in our new home.  Something very special about that first tree !  And, every year after that, with a few exceptions, we waited until that same week to put up our tree, always remembering the joy of that first tree and that first Christmas.  We were poor as church mice, so the gifts were small but filled with love.  This weekend we will be putting our tree up, remembering that first Christmas we shared together so long ago and remembering all our Christmases as we hang ornaments collected through time.  Ornaments that mean something, rather than follow some great color scheme.  I tried that once, a tree decorated like the ones in businesses or in a store display, beautiful, yes, but not personal and the girls begged me to not do it again.  The tree for them, even now as adults, is all about memories for them too.  I suspect another generation will be feeling the same way.  Our decorations are all about Traditions and I like it that way !  


Blogger Cathy said...

I did same thing with fancy tree and my kids begged me to never do it again! They love the ornaments that have a story that goes with it...

Thursday, November 29, 2012  

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