Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Uncomplicated living

Breathing in the morning air.  Sun rising, clouds catching color from the enormous orange orb we call the sun.   Nothing pressing, nothing rushing me.   Gathered sticks to make Christmas trees.  The holidays will be here in no time.  Thinking about spraying some fake snow on them, just a little bit, on the top of their branches.   I love snow.   
Standing at the window of my kitchen, the light and shadows delight me.  Uncomplicated living gives time to enjoy the ordinary which so often feels extraordinary when we take the time to soak it all in.   I choose daily, not to live a rushed life.  Weeding out the un-necessary, choosing to not be too busy with things I don't have to do, allows me to savor the beauty of each day.  
Avoiding drama as if it were the plague.  Living with the mindset that there is no need to worry needlessly.  You work on changing the things that can be changed and don't worry about the things that cannot be changed.   
The past few days I thought a lot about the mistakes made in parenting.  It seems many of us  have someone handy to remind us of our shortcomings, which is a good thing, despite how it ruffles our feathers at times. It points out where we need to make changes or perhaps just say, "I am sorry".   It seems as parents, we all make mistakes.  Many of us wish we were born with wise heads on our shoulders from the moment our children were conceived, but we aren't.   There are things we do and say that are meant well but come out not so good !  The best we can do for our children is to acknowledge we are not perfect, but that our hearts are full of love.   We can apologize for not doing something right or for causing one moment of hurt.   Then I thought more about this sort of thing and realized that its not just with our children that we make mistakes, its with ourselves, its with the way we treat our own parents, it happens between couples and with friends.  The bottom line is, life is less than perfect, yet, we can allow things to become complicated or we can choose to live uncomplicated lives by taking time to see clearly and change what we can change and live each day better than the last one.   Drama avoided, uncomplicated living, preserved once again.

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Melanie said...

So well said! I am going to share your words with my mother, as lately she's been blaming herself for my anxiety problems. She thinks I wouldn't be suffering from anxiety if it weren't for the way she raised me. I disagree! I think that most parents do the best they can. We ALL make mistakes in parenting. Blessings to you, Patty.

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