Thursday, September 27, 2012

Teaching Grandchildren To Love Nature

Two of my four grandchildren live just steps away from us, giving us the wonderful opportunity to see them almost daily.  They love coming over to Grammies and Grandpas house to play and to explore.  How they love to watch birds and lay in the grass watching the clouds go by.
Yesterday was Yens first time using the binoculars and what fun he had, discovering a new world close up.  With all the toys we have available for the children, its still remains the same truth, we learned with our own children.  Nature provides so much pleasure for the children.  Just digging in the dirt, finding sticks, gathering leaves and just looking up at the sky is the most amazing play !


Rebecca said...

Yes! This has been our experience, too.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Yes it is, and giving them the chance to do this will connect them to nature for all their lives. A great blessing!

And I hate word verification. I'm no robot, but I certainly don't have great eyes anymore.

Patty said...

I don't like it either Kristi.

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