Friday, September 28, 2012

Finding Joy

 Each morning I wake up with the intention of finding joy in the new day.   Quiet joy, not the jump up and down sort of joy, but something more akin to happy contentment.  Walking outside each day, I look for things to remind me of the wonders of creation, made for us to enjoy.  To look with the same sort of eyesight a child has, looking with enthusiasm and a freedom to not feel foolish laying on the grass to watch a bug.  
Morning coffee or tea, most often outside on the porch, always includes moments of silence where I just thank the Master of The Universe, all the wonderful things He has put in my life.  Our home is simple, our live is simple and no matter how hard I try from time to time, (why, I have no idea) but I like simple clothes, simple comfortable shoes and always a simple hair style.  Perhaps its that sensible English blood that runs deep in me, perhaps, its just to me there is so much more to be concerned with than spending time being fussy about appearances.  Whatever it is, it seems I finally have given up on changing.   I like mud boots and the smell of hay.  I like jeans and comfy shirts.  I like woolie socks, knit with care and funky hats made from my homespun wool.  Finding joy often means, first finding out who you are and then there is the freedom to look for joy around every corner.  

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Echoes From the Hill said...

I can identify with what you say.
I sometimes go on line and look at clothes at expensive sites, but only during a clearance sale. I can rarely find anything I would feel comfortable wearing. When you are a jeans and tee shirt kind of gal, and comfortable in your skin, I guess there is no reason to try to accommodate designers!

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