Monday, September 10, 2012

Morning Sunshine

The first few cool mornings of September have been delightful, a welcome change from the heat of summer.   This morning there was sunshine, a cool breeze and lots of chatter from the crows at their feeder.  Coffee, yogurt and toast on the table, knitting in a bowl.  Tiny gnome clothes on the needles.  Time for thinking, and dreaming.  Life is good. 
Later in the morning Melanie came to visit with Yen, making sure I had company while I sit recovering from bursitis in my knee.  A visit to the Doctors on Friday, resulted with a shot of cortisone and the need to stay off my leg for a while.   How blessed I feel to have such wonderful caring children and husband.  

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Shelley said...

Lovely post today...I do am loving the cooler temps...hope your knee is better soon...blessings

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