Monday, September 17, 2012


Recently, I had my DNA tested for ethnicity and was surprised to find I am Finnish along with English, which was no surprise, but the Finnish was to some extent.   I have had a deep love of Scandinavian foods, and art for a very long time, so I guess perhaps that was something deep in my genes.  We are preparing to finish decorating the house, wanting to have it completed in the next 2 years.  Not major overhauls, like gutting the kitchen etc, but rather along the lines of cosmetic.   For the past little while, all white rooms have really appealed to me, that crisp look, that Scandinavian white look.  It works well with our old house.  Along with the white walls and white furnishings, I love how a touch of color here and there brings such focus on those few special objects.  As I get older, it seems I want less around, pretty sure it has little to do with age, but more to do with me becoming more of who I am meant to be.  I want space in the house, a clarity that comes from lack of clutter.  Being able to see clearly the things that matter and being able to give my brain a rest from being overloaded with so many visuals.    Space.
The work has begun in the kitchen and soon to start in the dinning room.  White walls, white floors, white dishes, white furniture, except for the hutch, I love the wood in that piece of furniture.   Making a departure in furniture choice too, the dinning room will be more modern for the table and chairs.  I am smiling as I type those last few woods, modern is just not something I ever imagined in my house, but a few well placed pieces suit me now.  Life is always changing, and I am comfortable with that.   Life is an adventure, where the twists and turns along the way are full of new and wonderful things, if we look to see them.  The weekend found us doing some shopping.  Some Swedish foods, some new dishes and flatware.   Today, brought a walk, while the air was damp and the ground wet under my feet.  Signs of change all around and I love it.

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Carole said...

It looks like your blog has a new look too, love it !
I would love to have such a DNA test, was it expensive ? I wonder if this is something that can be found in Europe. I am pretty sure there are some Turkish-like genes on my father's side and I would love to know for sure.

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