Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rainy Morning

The gentleness of the morning fills my heart with a feeling much like love.  So tangible, yet so hard to put into words.  The air, cool and tender.  The rain, awakening colors after the long summer.  A rose in bloom.  Leaves falling.  Acorns adorning the oaks like ornaments of great delight.  The big rains have made it easy to dig up carrots for tonight's meal, with more for the freezer.   The woods are beckoning, calling me to stroll through the leafy carpet and see how joyful all of nature is with the welcome change of seasons.  
A day for chopping wood and working the soil for the love of my life.  His strong hands holding the tools needed for each new task.  Tea on the porch, blueberry tea in big white mugs, steam blowing in the breeze.  Break time.  We chat, we laugh and yes, he steals a kiss or two.  Wonderful comfort in being married 34 years to your best friend.  This rainy Sunday morning is just a bit of heaven on earth.

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Morning's Minion said...

Three years in KY hasn't given us time to thoroughly grasp the seasonal patterns. We do know this was a summer of drought that even long time residents have worried about. We've waitied til September for the refreshing of rain. Things in the garden are stuggling to revive, but without enough time til winter.
This is a precious time of year--these quiet autumn days when it is so good to be outdoors.

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