Friday, February 24, 2012

What If ?

When you are working in the garden, there is lots of time to think and in our case, discuss, since Emery and I were both out there working the soil together this morning.   I started thinking about how many times I act or think in a certain way, simply because of how I perceive another person will think of me.  I am one of those people that seems to care deeply what others think of me.  Then I started thinking about all the folks that buy things just so they look successful or look like they live a certain way.  Or about all the folks that must redecorate their kitchens with all "high end" appliances and such, and then they admit they don't cook ! So that amazing stove remains brand new looking and serves one purpose, to impress.  So what if, as a God fearing person, we took all that same energy taken about impressing others with what we wear, what kind of home we live in, what kind of car we drive, what we talk about to others, etc, what if we lived only to...hate to use the word, impress, because that is not really what I mean in the purest sense, but what if we lived to show God we use Him as our standard, live as if we were trying to impress Him by living a sincere, God fearing 
life ?  O.K., I am 100 % certain you are all aware, that I am not really meaning we have to impress God with anything, but what I am saying is, what if we lived as if the only thing that mattered was how God saw us !
No need to think out the words we are using to pray in front of another so they think we are this or that, but just prayed our heart.  No need to worry about how so and so has the best clothes for their children each church day and try to keep up with them.   No need to pretend we are this or that, for the sake of what another person thinks of us.  Only worry about one thing, how do we look in the eyes of God !  Are we living for Him.   Do we think He cares about our kitchens being outdated or our car being the oldest model on the street ?   Do we care that Mrs So and So has no money for her medications this month or are we drooling over more stuff on Pinterest ?   I am asking myself these questions more than anything else.  Asking myself, "what am I thinking ?"   

Ephesians 5:1 Follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children  


Nancy in WI said...

Thanks Patty, that is exactly the message I needed to hear tonight. God bless you!

Maria said...

Yes, we have to see everything through His eyes.

Peace be with you today,


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