Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How Time Flies

Nearly a week has passed since I wrote here on my blog.  Springtime, or rather our Texas spring weather, has us very busy, preparing for the garden and doing all the outside chores that cannot be put off for another time.   I love this time of year, there are days now when the front door and some windows can be opened during the warmest part of the day.  Almost every morning the back hall has clumps of dirt on the floor...I never mind cleaning it up, since it signifies garden time. Before the sun is up each morning, Emery is out in the garden, working the soil, removing grass and weeds, cultivating the rich brown soil.  Two large garden spots keep us busy and at the same time, feed our souls.  The birds sing the most glorious hymns of praise each and every morning and we are there to hear it.  The sky is so blue this morning and the green of the grass is so vivid and bright.  Not a single cloud to be seen.   I read this quote this morning and thought about it while we worked, "Let all who are in error be treated with the gentleness of Christ. If those for whom you 
labor do not immediately grasp the truth, do not censure, do not criticize or condemn. Remember that you are to represent Christ in His meekness and gentleness and love" (6T, 120).  EGW.
What a wonderful approach on how to be treated and how to treat others when we fall short.
Its good to think on such things as we work the garden.  A time when our thinking is made clear by the very atmosphere around us.   Life is good.  It is simple.  


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

You life indeed is very good....I like the quote greatly.

Shelley said...

I too have been loving our spring like weather and the song of the birds....going to be a beautiful day today :) Blessings

Ruth Ann said...

What does (6T, 120). EGW refer to?

Ruth Ann

Patty said...

Ruth Ann,
It stands for Vol 6 Testimonies by Ellen G White.

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